What is Red Bull Bracket Reel Dance?

It’s a bracket-style, video-edit competition in which 16 college dance crews face off to see who can cut the best video. Each week, teams will create a unique remix, routine and video. The team with the most votes on social media will advance to the next round. After four brutal rounds of head-to-head competition, the last team standing will be crowned champion of Red Bull Bracket Reel Dance.


Rounds and Music

Round One

Voting Period: Oct. 31 - Nov. 03

Music: Gallant’s “Borderline” (Bixel Boys Remix) pulls its listeners in with a smooth melody, haunting lyrics and creative beats. Crews are tasked with cutting the tune and matching its evocative chorus with powerful choreography.

Judge: Megan Batoon, dancer, actress, YouTuber and host, will evaluate each video based on creative choreography and editing. Her favorite will be awarded a 10 percent boost in votes.

The Quarterfinals

Voting Period: Nov. 07 - Nov. 10

Music: Povi’s 4AM (HXV Remix) uses beautiful vocals to build to an explosive hook. Teams are challenged to emphasize its powerful rhythms with their edits and routine.

Judge: Will “Willdabeast” Adams will be our judge for this round, critiquing the groups’ most interesting shots and ability to convey a narrative through dance. The crew that stands out from the crowd will be awarded a 10 percent boost in votes.

The Semifinals

Voting Period: Nov. 14 - Nov. 17

Music: We’ve thrown our crews a curveball the week before The Finals. This week’s track is Gallant’s “Borderline”, echoing back to Round One. Teams are charged with interpreting this brand new remix to create a drastically different video.

Judge: Ronnie Abaldonado, breaker on the Full Force Crew, will judge each video to determine which edit is most inventive. The crew that impresses him the most will receive a 10 percent boost in votes.

The Finals

Voting Period: Dec. 05 - Dec. 08

Music: River Tiber’s “Gravity” (Falcons Remix) morphs soulful R&B into modern pop and hip hop by combining nostalgic tones with elements of today’s most popular songs. To win, teams need to complement the vibe with unique choreography and intentional camera work.

Judges: Social voting will decide which team will be crowned champion of Red Bull Bracket Reel Dance

Coaches: Megan Batoon and Will Adams will offer their refined expertise by coaching our teams from ideation to final edit.