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Fordham Flava Fordham University
Paul Kim Dancer
Karley Bourke Dancer
Tiffany chandler Dancer
Olivia Schrantz Dancer
Andrew Mazzie Dancer
Emily Kramer Choreographer/ Dancer
Zoe bai Dancer
Victoria Stanziani Dancer
Albert Hasan Videographer/ Dancer
Courtney Munro Dancer
Fordham Flava

Fordham University's premier hip hop team. Established in 2004, Fordham Flava has been a team that has showcased a strong bond with one another. We help boost each other as dancers and people. Flava has provided an environment Fordham's students who dance hip hop and outlet to express themselves. Fordham Flava loves to dance and we love each other.


Round One

Judge's Pick Megan Batoon