Galen Hooks has worked with over 60 artists, including Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Usher, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Banks, Grimes, and John Legend. She modeled extensively for Nike, including countless catalogs, billboards, and a two-page ad in Vogue magazine.

She was part of the creative team in tributes for Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott and performed at the historic MTV VMA Michael Jackson Tribute.

Galen is recognized as a dancer, choreographer and actress in THE LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, which has a 3-season show on Hulu and has had groundbreaking performances on So You Think You Can Dance, TED Talks, the 82nd Annual Oscars, as the opening act for two Glee Tours, at the Guggenheim New York, Invisible Children’s Fourth Estate (with an original score by Hans Zimmer), and Google Zeitgeist in London.



Tim Milgram is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. His background as a professional dancer, combined with his technical experience as a computer & multimedia engineer, has led Tim to find his passion for directing and cinematography.

His focus is capturing movement in a way that creates a visceral experience for the viewer, presenting the choreography in its truest form. Since 2012, Tim has directed and shot over 500 videos featuring dance, spearheading the new online trend of viral dance content with hundreds of millions of views across all channels. Tim’s work has frequently been featured on Buzzfeed, TIME, Billboard, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and many others. He has created content for Mattel, Vogue, Capitol Records, G-Shock, Lionsgate, and Universal.

Through these projects, Tim has found purpose in bringing the true essence of the dance community into the mainstream. Although his professional focus has shifted into film, Tim dances regularly and draws inspiration from choreographers and dancers he has admired since long before he looked through a lens.



Ronnie Abaldonado is a veteran breaker, member of Full Force Crew and SuperCr3w, and winner of America’s Best Dance Crew, Season Two.

Ronnie is a cast member of Jabbawockeez ‘JREAMZ’ and runs District Arts, a Las Vegas-based dance studio. The 2007 Red Bull BC One World Champ and All Star is known for his variations on freezes, intricate footwork and power moves. In dance he values consistency, composure and determination.